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I started my first business in 1998 as a natural followup from my research, statistical modeling, software programing and development work in graduate school. From sole proprietorships, LLC partnership, and now freelance, I have always tried to make it a priority to provide the best customized support possible.

In today's world of increasing layers between customers and businesses, including endless third party support systems, I have decided to reverse this trend. To go back to my roots and again provide direct, customized and personal customer support and development services. Therefore, when you send a contact support request, you are contacting me. A real human. Always. I hope you find that "new" idea refreshing.

A brief activities timeline :

1998 - Started Ecological Software Solutions as a sole proprietor business in California.
- Released software products Biotas and LOAS.
1999 - Began contract work on MIST software in Uganda.
2000 - Released software products HITE, LOTE, TAP, Shape Viewer.
2001 - Releases software developer tool Shape Viewer Objects.
- Releases software developer tool Visual SQL.
2002 - Releases software developer tool Text File Parser.
- Releases software developer tool HTML Help Compiler.
2003 - Moved sole proprietor business to Switzerland.
2004 - Began contract work on ARTS (Automated Radio Telemetry System).
2007 - Started Florida LLC as a partnership.
2008 - Enverus framework and applications development.
2009 - Began contract work on Envertus based Wildlife Crime Database.
2011 - Began contract work on Envertus based Microfinance Performance Monitoring Tool (PMT).
2013 - Began contract work on Envertus based Microfinance Performance Monitoring System (PMS).
2014 - Began contract work on online image tagging and identification application development
2015-2023 - Mainly Envertus related work, updates, plugin development and support.
2024 - Full circle back to direct personalized development, support and consulting services. Envertus work ongoing as flagship application.