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About Us

Our company is dedicated to improve environmental observations, monitoring, protection and environmentally related information management to the benefit of biodiversity, protection of endangered species, involved communities and stake holders on all levels.

Our contribution is to teach to think and to enable the use of systems and meta-systems, to properly collect, manage and use data, to receive actual up to date information for management decisions.

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Who are we at Ecological Software Solutions LLC:


Kevin L. Sallee
B.S. Ecology, Behavior and Evolution: UCLA
M.S. Wildlife Management: Humboldt State University


Kevin was born and raised in California. He started ESS in 1998 after working for both federal and state resource agencies in the United States. He had been interested in computers and software development since a teenager, but fell in love with biology in High School and decided for a professional career in this field of study. ESS was a natural outcome of these two talents and interests. Aside from the retail products offered by ESS, he has traveled extensively around the world and has developed internationally used software and database systems for national parks and protected area managment including law enforcement planning and monitoring, as well applications for conservation organizations and research institutions. In 2007 he transformed ESS into a multi-member Limited Liability Company.



Barbara Sallee-Kereszturi
Landscape and Human Geography: University of Zurich

Landscape, Nature & Environmental Protection: University of Basel
Economy and Ecology:
University of St. Gallen



Barbara was born in Hungary and lived for over 20 years in Switzerland, where she gained her education in Landscape and Human Geography, Ecology and Sustainable Development. She speaks four languages fluently and has done numerous professional translations, including a book from Hungarian to German, with others currently in progress. After heading the Department of Geography at a Swiss Gymnasium for many years, she now is an independent sustainable educator concentrating on training and teaching projects related to ecology, resource management and applied sustainable development. Barbara developed the training programs for ESS, and participates with training and translation services.


Karyn J. Sernka
M.A. Geography, Biogeography: California State University, Chico
Master’s Thesis: A biogeographical analysis of Swainson’s hawks breeding in the Central Valley of California.



Karyn has worked in both government and private industry conducting research in wildlife biology as well as providing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services since 1993. She has extensive experience working with raptors, as well as in fisheries, conducting several types of surveys in a variety of habitat types. Karyn has also worked exclusively as a GIS Specialist and is able to provide custom maps and analyses for your project needs. She has excellent skills in data management, scientific research and technical editing. Karyn has been involved in green energy projects (wind, solar) with special attention to avian and special status species issues.